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We'll work together to make your website...
  • A fantastic place for your customers to find answers to their questions and needs.
  • Presents information in a way that rapidly conveys your message in a way that makes you stand out from your competition.
  • Is user friendly ... composed in a manor that makes search engines "happy"... and ethically inspires people to buy your products or services.
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Put Search Engine Optimization in Perspective
Find out why Search Engine Optimization is a process and not a project
Find out who should understand Search Engine Optimization
Find out why you must understand SEO
Find out why I offer you unique qualifications
Find out why the most affordable SEO services can cost you a fortune
Assess the viability of marketing your product or service on the Internet
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"We'll work together to make your website a fantastic place for your customers to find what they're looking for... present information in a way that rapidly conveys your message and is user friendly ... composed in a manor that makes search engines "happy"... and ethically inspires people to buy your products or services."
  • Do you have a website that is not generating the sales you expected?
  • Has your website's position in search engine results never appeared near
    the top, dropped significantly or disappeared altogether?
  • Are you interested in selling your product or service on the Internet
    for the first time and wondering how to go about it?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions you know you need search engine optimization training or advice. Whether or not you live in Pennsylvania, is your best source for a cost effective, realistic approach to search engine optimization and Internet marketing.

Finding competent SEO advice isn't easy. When you do find someone who actually knows something about search engine optimization they won't know the first thing about writing effective web copy that actually sells your product or service and never owned anonline business.

SEO providers rarely understand website usability so that your website's design prevents your customers from getting frustrated and surfing away from your website before you've had a chance to deliver your message.

Sometimes an SEO firm will have a search engine optimization expert, a web copy specialist, a graphics department, and the web design people. All these people have to coordinate their efforts which takes time and costs you money.

I offer you practical Search Engine Optimization Services and Internet Marketing Consulting. I'm located in Pennsylvania but can and do support clients throughout the United States.

You'll benefit from my experience owning and currently operating several successful Internet stores. I use the same proven Internet marketing methods and search engine optimization techniques I will teach you or employ in marketing your product or service on the Internet.
  • I use an ethical approach search engine optimization.
  • I can train you, advise you, or actually do some or all the work.
    I am efficient because I have learned all aspects of internet Marketing and website design...including efficiently running my stores. But it is best by far if you learn to do the work in-house to minimize costs because search engine optimization is an ongoing process...not a project.
  • I will teach you to balance three critical considerations when creating a successful website...
    Web Usability - your website has to deliver your message quickly and be easy for people to use or they will click off your website in seconds.
    Web Copywriting - writing copy that sells on the Internet is completely different from copy written for printed publication or radio and TV.
    Search Engine Optimization - you must understand how search engines work so your pages rank well so people find you.

  • Learn how to achieve your SEO goals by increasing the value of your website from your customer's point of view and not just for SEO

Most often rankling well in search engines results will take some time. Depending on you product or service, I can give you instant exposure on my existing high traffic websites.

For those of you contemplating starting an Internet based business, I urge you not to launch your business before you have a true understanding of Internet Marketing and a thorough understanding of Search Engine Optimization.
You will have a much greater chance of ultimately placing well with the search engines.

Read my website to find out why small organizations often have tremendous strategic advantages over most larger competitors in many ways. Larger organizations may want to consider why they may be vulnerable.

Search Engine Optimization PA is here to help you. I will tailor an approach that's best for your company...your time contraints...your budget.

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